"The best financial advice you get will be from someone who knows you on a deep level!"

True wealth is built from the inside out.  Most Americans incorrectly assume that financial advisors are some kind of magicians and that when you go to them with your financial problems they will wave a magic wand over your investments and make your future bright.  The reality is that unless you have absolute clarity on what your problems are and what your vision is for the future, no financial advisor can help you. The problem is that most financial advisors do not go deep enough to find out who you are, what your wishes and desires are, and what your expectations are of your own life and money.  

"The average financial advisor spends 20 minutes getting to know the client before recommending a financial strategy"

As a financial advisor (or a doctor) the deeper you understand your patients wants and needs, the better you can serve them. This obviously takes time and deep curiosity. One of the things  I have learned is that the more time I spend getting to know my clients before going to work on them, the better results I get and the happier they are over the long term.  Most of "Discovery" sessions take 1-2 hours where we spend time getting to know the client, their life style, their desires and their fears on a deep level.  Once the clarity is created then my team goes to work in making their retirement goals come to life. 

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